Size Guide

For example, measure your body around the waist and around the bust. If you are 37 inches at the bust and 32 inches at the waist, please pick a size Small (S). However, if you are in between sizes, say 38-inch bust and 34-inch waist, you can pick a size S or a size M. Pick S if you want a tighter fit and size M for a slightly looser fit.

Alternatively, if you are unable to measure yourself, please note that our sizes correspond to the standard UK sizes that you can buy from stores.

Please drop us a message or chat to us, if you are confused about your size and we are more than happy to help you pick the outfit that fits you perfectly.

As women, each of us has a different body type and shape. We, at Modestly, want our dresses to be comfortable and elegant for all body types. We want our women to look and feel fashionable and at the same time be modest. Our dresses are flowy, feminine and have relaxed fit. The dresses can be secured at the waist to give it a tighter or looser fit, depending on how you like to wear it.

Being women ourselves, we understand the changes that take place in our bodies and some days we just feel a little bigger. Taking this into consideration, our waist measurements are adjustable so that you can wear it comfortably on any day and still look and feel fabulous!